I have noticed through my strolls around Blogland, how many people like to show photographs of their feet. These little photographs show the changing seasons as feet are slipped from flip flops into trainers and then into Wellingtons. Erin at the dreamy House on Hill Road has the cutest selection of lovely green shoes, see and here too.

I too have my own feet photographs, my own little record of the changing seasons, but why do we do this?

I guess in Blogland people don’t always want to show their own faces. All though blogging is the most open way of recording your thoughts, perhaps we don’t all want the winder world to know who these thoughts really belong too?

Just wondering….

Either way, I do love my feet portraits and I doubt I’ll stop taking them…

(I do also hae more than one set of shoes and sock…just happened to be wearing them on both days)


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