You don’t bring me flowers……

So you know that we have finally moved from our swanky pad in town, to our own teeny tiny little house in South East London (we are in fact so south east that we are only about ½ mile from being in Kent – now that was a shock for this here girl from the North East – ‘tis almost France I say!) sorry I digress…

One of the lovely things about escaping from the manic daily life in town is the sudden delight to find the most lovely and surprising shops just hidden away in the most unassuming area.

The fantastically named You don’t bring me flowers, is my current favourite place to escape to. Part coffee shop, part bakery, part florist, part gallery. It is just a dream in it’s own chipped vintage tea cup.

I don’t that may of you will be tripping through Hither Green at any point soon, but if you are you simply must visit, even if it is to stare into their dreamy window displays.


2 thoughts on “You don’t bring me flowers……”

  1. oh Philippa what an amazing shop this is, great to see a photo just wish we had something very near us like it,it sounds just lovely having all those things under one roof….thanks for the comment on my blog sweetie, glad i give you a taste of the northeast, you give me a taste of london and the south and i appreciate it, kat x

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