Sick Bed Film Review

Ok so for the last few days I have been confined to my bed with a head full of phlegm and a wretchedly soar throat (just what you needed to know).

In my pathetic state I managed to pull myself together enough to stumble downstairs and take up residence on the settee (with silk pillow and snugly throw).

One of the joys of having a house and a permanent residence is that I have been able to start our Amazon DVD rental up again. First up was Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End, as we had missed it at the cinema last summer.

Boy was I glad that we hadn’t paid out £6.75 each to see this on the big screen. I was so disappointed. I remember being disappointed with the second film, but had convinced myself that film two ( I can’t even remember what it was called) was merely a set up for film three which was bound to be wonderful.

It was soooooooo boarding! Thank goodness for Johnny Depp otherwise I think we would have given up on this one entirely.

The fight scenes, although clever, just seemed a little pointless, and the story just didn’t hold water at all. Thankfully though I think this will be the last part of the series, due to the tiny clip at the very end of the credits….ten years on. Here’s hoping at least.

Still, as lovely as Johnny is, I would much rather have him as Roux in Chocolate than as Jack Sparrow…. A girl can dream.


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