Nothing greater than giving

Before I left my little cottage to move to London I belonged to a local branch of Freecycle. I dipped in and out fairly infrequently, but I received some gems through it, in particular an ancient and unloved Deck chair, which after a lot of scrubbing and a little help from my Dad was transformed in to a resplendent burgundy ticking striped, brass tacked chair. I lounged all summer in my little chair safe in the knowledge that it really hadn’t cost me very much at all.

So it was with some trepidation that I listed several items on my new branch in London, in the shear hope that some one (anyone…please) would want our old wardrobe and computer desk. We are so very short of space that we were thinking of implementing a strategy where all visitors had to leave with one item.

Anyway the response has been over whelming, I could have passed on the table and wardrobe several times over, so fingers crossed all will be gone tonight and we will have found yet another square foot of clear sitting room carpet.

I’ll report back tomorrow, but so far its looking good!

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