I was once told that the most stressful things any person can do in their life is to

a) buy a house
b) get married
c) have children

Whilst I am not planning on doing c for quiet a while doing a & b in the same year is having its effect on my nerves.

The house is progressing, all be it at a snails pace, but we are getting there. I am hoping with all my might that this is all resolved soon as I am rapidly tiring of where we are living. We have been rescued from homelessness by a friend who lives in a house share where they had a spare room.

Unfortunately that room was a teeny tiny single room, but our friend, ever the gentleman has moved out of his double room into the single room, giving us a little space. As you can imagine his belongings didn’t quiet fit into the smaller room, so we are camping in amongst our friends ‘stuff’ whilst all of our worldly belongings are in storage.

But inch by inch we are getting closer to having our own little space and…shush, I didn’t tell you this…a GARDEN too!!!

Please do bear with me, I havent’ forgotten you all, it just that my computer is all packed up in a box and it tricky to remember everything I need to do at the library.


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