Me? Oh why thank you…heres a little about myself!

Well there you go, you thought that was going to be the last post of the year? Feeling very down in the dumps I was boyad tremendously by being tagged by Chaya over at Kosher Whine.

So here we go…

1. To me football (or soccer in the states) doesn’t exists. I think people would normally say that I hate it, I don’t. I simply don’t acknowledged it’s existence. I can’t understand people who get so worked up about twenty two men kicking a pigs bladder around a lawn. It’s not a popular opinion, but it’s mine.

2. I was almost a racing driver. I made it to the final selection stage of Formula Women a tv series following the progress of a group of women through a selection process to find women to drive in their own race series. Sadly the selection day fell on my Ian’s university graduation day, and I wasn’t going to miss that. I still have days when I think, what if?

3. I can roll my tongue and have ear lobes. Am I genetically perfect?

4. I sometimes feel like Lady Catherine Deburge in Pride and Prejudice. If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient. I have never learnt to dance, but I feel deep down to my toes that had I ever, I would be the most wonderful ballroom, salsa, jive, samba dancer!

5. When I was little I played on my own in the garden a great deal. I had many wonderful games, one of my favourites involved an enormous roof slate (at least in my memory is was huge) lent against the house, which I would splash with water to make a ‘map’ and would pretend to present the weather using one of Mum’s garden canes as my pointer. My parents should have learnt at that point that I would end up as an environmental scientist.

6. I love trains. I am not a train spotter, No no no! But I love tickets and time tables and the journeys. When I was little I read the Sadler’s Wells books in which the main character travelled on a sleeper train every few chapters. Since reading those books I have longed to travel on a sleeper train. I’m finally doing that in February.

7. I secretly love watching what I call ‘Road Crash TV’, in particular America’s Next Top Model. I only watch this when I am in the house on my own and I nearly always say ‘oh that, I was watching something before it….’ I’m sure that Ian has cottoned on to me.

I think I’ll tag Ali, though I think she may have been pre tagged.


2 thoughts on “Me? Oh why thank you…heres a little about myself!”

  1. Glad I could cheer you up!You were almost a race car driver?! That’s so cool!We’re quite taken with trains here too – my son fell hard for them when he was 2 and his enthusiasm is infectious. Have a great time traveling in a sleeper train – that sounds like a great adventure!

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