Farewell and good riddance ?

I’m going to sign off for the year.

Things have taken a turn for the crazy here and our house purchase has fallen through. We have to move out of our little apartment on Sunday. We had to make a choice late Autumn to either extend our rent by a further eight months (as well as pay a huge rent hike) or take the plunge and hope with all fingers and toes crossed that we would complete in time. We knew we wouldn’t be moving in directly in the first week of January, so we have booked a hotel for the that week. Not too sure what we are going to do for the second….

We’re kinda up the creek …

…perhaps we should just build a paper house like the one above?
We are both heading home to our parents for Christmas week, which will be bliss.
Amongst all this stress we need to sort out our marriage licence. We want to marry in my family church at home, even though we now live in London. In order to do this we must be classed as resident in the parish in which we intend to marry for at least seven continuous nights. Our parents have to sign a letter to confirm that the information we are supplying is in fact true. This means we won’t be able to stay at friends houses during the party season as this will break residency (even if they are in the same parish).
It is all rather feudal, but in an odd way I do like it.

So there you go.

I think on one hand I will be happy to see the end of 2007 but on the other, 2007 had some happy times too (I did after all become engaged – Still lovein’ that!).


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