Right here right now – Part I


This year is really very odd. In the next four weeks I have simply so very much to do that is nothing to do with Christmas or New Year at all.

It is so Not to do with Christmas that I’m not even decorating the house with even one teeny flash of tinsel.

In four weeks time we will have packed up all our belongings in London and moved out of our flat. Our little world here will be in a storage unit in Battersea and we will effectively be homeless in the big smoke.

This all sounds rather gray and ghastly, but there is a good reason.

We are in the process of buying a little home of our own. With a good wind behind us and with an awful lot of prodding of solicitors we will hopefully be moving into a new house in the first weeks of January.

So as you can imagine Christmas is rather low on our priorities. I have done a mass Amazon order (thanks be to Amazon) which will hopefully pave the way to some Christmas gifts. I had planned to sew and sew and sew, but in reality I still haven’t taken my machine in for a service and it’s tension is up the creak which makes sewing anything a complete pain. So it sits gathering dust…

The worst thing is I don’t want to spend all our time organising a house move. I want to Wedding Plan! I want to spend my time looking at Wedding magazines, designing stationary, hunting out that little perfect item that will just make our day sparkle.

Not looking at house insurance and survey results.


4 thoughts on “Right here right now – Part I”

  1. Wow! You sure have a lot going on! I hope your new home is wonderful and you can get back to wedding planning soon. It’s all very exciting!Well, you probably don’t have time for this, but I tagged you on my site. < HREF="http://kosherwhine.blogspot.com/2007/12/auntie-meme.html" REL="nofollow">Come take a look<> when you have time.

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