Dreamy Domesticity

Okay okay so I’m a little slow at these things, but I have finally picked up a copy of Jane’s fine little book The gentle art of domesticity. As we are hopefully moving soon Ian and I have placed a self imposed ban on ourselves to not buy any more books. We simply don’t have anywhere to store them.

I am a very regular member of our library and have been waiting so very patiently for the book to be on the shelves. I’m so glad I did wait, but at the same time I am rather disappointed that I have been so good and not bought this book as I would love to own it.

Oh well.

After an unexpectedly lovely evening last night with drinks and supper out, we made it back to our apartment at around 9:30pm where I immediately snuggled up in bed with my book. It is just a joy.

So many people have blogged about Jane and her book that I won’t gush too much (and I never really was one for ‘book reports’ at school), but I love it. The colours and language washed over me in such a comforting manner that I was so dozy that I started to drift off to sleep, thinking of Cupcakes and Goth Socks and Pineapples and Quilts. The only thing to rouse me from this snugly state was Ian’s declaration, ‘What on earth is domesticity?!’ as he moved the book from his side of the bed. With no response he dropped the book to the floor and went to sleep.

Ian puts up with me very well indeed, even finding his embroidery injury of earlier this year funny (It wasn’t my fault that he was sat so close to me and I distractedly stabbed him in the arm with my needle!) that he just accepts that I like to read beautiful books about a lovely way of living.

I just hope he gets the hint that I’d quiet like it for Christmas.


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