Meet me at….

I am ridiculously excited by the opening of St Pancras station. The station has been under reconstruction for years and was finally opening last week by the Queen and officially open to the rest of the world today.

The station is the new home of the Euro Star which has bid a fond farewell to Waterloo which has been it’s temporary home for the last 13 years (yup temporary, it took a little while to revamp St Pancras!) The photograph above is of the specially commissioned sculpture ‘ The Meeting Place’ which is a 9 metre high bronze sculpture by Paul Day which stands in the Barlow shed. Which in 1868 formed the largest enclosed space in the world.

I love trains and train travel and oddly I do really love train stations too. I’m not sure if it is to do with the anticipation of the journey or meeting friends and family who I haven’t seen for a while.

To me train stations are wonderful, rushing, bubbling places of tumbling emotions.

This one though is full of may surprises which may even push it to become ‘a place to be seen’. Amongst the hustle and bustle of trains, porters and people you will now find, the longest Champagne bar in Europe(!) many eateries and many shops, which all sound really rather exciting.

I have the bug where ‘I want to do something’ (which is my normal Saturday morning whine), I really do want to go up to the station this evening to find out what all the fuss is about.

Unfortunately Ian will be locked to his desk until rather late, and I’d feel awful if I went without him.

What should I do? Should I be good and wait until the weekend? Or should I try to persuade him to come and visit with me tonight?



2 thoughts on “Meet me at….”

  1. Just wondering why there’s two stations within five minutes walk of each other ie: Euston is just the other side of St Pancras. Whats the difference between the two? Other than the obvious one at the moment. Ali x

  2. Difference is fairly simple really. Kings Cross is the end of the East Coast Mainline which runs up the East Coast (obviously) up to Scotland taking in cities like Peterborough, York, Durham and Newcastle.St Pancras is the end of the Midlands Mainline which run not to Birmingham (thats Euston) but places like Nottingham, Leicester, Derby. Two stations incredibly close, but with lines that go in very different directions.

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