It’s actually quite nice here…

Isn’t that an awful thing to think? I’m in Cardiff for two days, my first ever visit and have been pleasantly surprised.

I haven’t managed to see a great deal, but have spent the day at the wonderful Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.

Fantastic building (though not a patch on the Sage!), which seems to celebrate its location through the materials used in it’s construction. Wood meets metals and glass giving it a wonderful organic feel.

I saw a rather bored group of children being shunted around on a school trip with a guide explaining the virtue of each of the woods used in the construction. It sounded so interesting I wish I could have tagged on the end, sadly I don’t think I could blend with 25 deeply bored 11 year olds.

Haven’t seen David Tenant yet either.


2 thoughts on “Cardiff”

  1. Haha! It’s true, Cardiff isn’t the best place for tourism. But we do have some pretty amazing sights- you just have to look for them a bit harder than other places. (And by the way, you’re unlikely to see David Tennant, you’re more likely to see Eve Myles or John Barrowman from Torchwood, their filming for the next series in Cardiff at the moment so keep a look out!)

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