Feeling miserable

I’m feeling miserable.

My wisdom tooth has been playing up for over a week now, so much so that I had to brave it and visit an NHS Walk In Clinic for the first time. I haven’t registered with a doctor in London yet, so both my doctor and dentist are 300 miles away!

Anyway I faired better than my friend James did. The doctor prodded and poked and pronounced that I have and infection in my lower jaw.


So off I trundled with my precious prescription in my hot little hand to the closest Boots chemists, where I waited patiently only to be told they didn’t stock that tablets that I had been prescribed. They did however stock and identical tablet, but that had a different brand name to those I had been prescribed, and though they were very sorry they couldn’t give me them.

I almost burst into tear there and then.

Thankfully there is a second Boots Chemist just up the road and they were far more sensible. They didn’t have the branded tablets I had been prescribed, but were happy to give me the identical non branded version.


Any way, this second Boots just happens to be next door to a wonderful Marks and Spencer’s, so I had to go for a look.

And Oops, what do you know? I accidentally bought a fabulous pair of shoes to cheer myself up with.

Imagen that!

The light is too dark now to take a picture, but here is one from the M&S website (they also do them in brown too….)
I can almost totter around the flat in them, so i may take a test run in them around the super market a la How to Walk in High Heels, and then I may be able to brave them in the real world!


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