One of my favourite films is the wonderfully sappy Addicted to love – try as I might I just won’t be able to convince people that I am a well rounded film critic. Give me chick flicks any day!

Any way one of the characters is a Frenchman in New York and when ask what it is like to be away from his home land, he says something along the lines of “…it’s like I’m superman. On Krypton everyone is superman so are not super at all, but on Earth Superman is SUPER…”
I feel like that at the moment.

I have never been more northern than I am now.

I’m not saying that I have slipped into a Geordie accent all of a sudden; I just feel Northern.

Fiercely proud of my homeland.

London must be one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world to live, people of all colours and creeds, and the longer I live here, the more I long to be at home. This is not necessarily a great feeling to have when we are planning to sell my little cottage and buy a property down here.

Still our northern holiday was just magical, and with my new toy I managed to capture some of the images that spring to mind when I think of home.

The wonderful wonderful Angel of the North. Although the Angel has only been with us for ten years, it makes my heart soar with pride each time I see it on the television
My cottage is in Teesdale a beautiful hidden dale in the North Pennines, it is flanked on each side by Swaledale to the south

and Weardale to the north.


One thought on “Homeland”

  1. hi philippa thanks for the comment on my blog, your angel photo is stunning a glorious blue sky. i am ever appreciative of our countryside since i spent a long time too ill to get out and see it. i went to your area last summer to Gainford for some treatment that really made a big difference to my life hence i get out now and love sharing things by blogging. its so nice to hear from someone up in my neck of the woods im going to read some more of you blog now the photos of your area in teesdale are beautiful. but i expect where you are in london is great too,i wonder what the main differences you notice are,as they are two very different places to live but both with so many advantages in their own ways, good wishes, Kat

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