Thank you for holding

Well thanks for putting up with that elongated recording of Greensleaves. Many many things have happened since I last posted.

You may have seen in the news that it rained a bit here in England during July, whilst I was lucky enough to keep my toes out of the flood water, it certainly washed over my desk at work. After a month of 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (or later) days at work whilst dealing with the floods I was exhausted. Thankfully I had a two week holiday at the start of August and I managed to recharge the old batteries.

Ian and I spent the first week in the Lake District with his parents which was lovely (thought wet!) and spent the second week in my cottage in the North Pennines. I will shortly be putting the cottage on the market and pack all my belongings and move to London permanently. This was our last hurrah and I think we did it in style.

I also finally finally bought a digital camera! Oh I am so excite about this, the first ever digital camera I have owned. I took over 250 photographs whilst I was away, and though I have down loaded them to our computer, I haven’t quiet managed to export them over to Flickr yet. That is this weekends task

I also have some very very exciting news, but I will save that for a further post, it deserves its own space.

I just wanted you to know that I hadn’t forgotten you all!


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