Borough Market

It has been an age since we were last at Borough Market. Saturdays seem to have been really ever so busy recently and Borough just hasn’t happened. This Saturday though, we were supper organised, so much co that I even took Ian’s camera. I am seriously considering buying my own, I have never owned a digital camera, I still use my Granddad Olympus Trip, which must be at least 30 years old!

So this was a practice day, and I am pretty happy with how the pictures came out.

We bought some scrummy food too!

This I think is my favorite of all the pictures I took. I like the off set angel and the depth of the pot on its side. Repetative colours and patterns, tricky to choses which area to centre.

This really sums up the Market, simple life shot I think.

Now this shot, I’m not so happy with, there really isn’t a point of focus, should I be looking at the boxes in the distance or should I be looking at the fruit? I couldn’t quiet work out how to take the shot.

Darn, you know what, it just means that I’ll have to keep going back!


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