American Goodies

I live a five minutes bus ride or fifteen minutes walk from the Kings Road, Chelsea. This is a wonderful area but would require a very large bank robbery to even begin to think about financing a move here!

Amongst the very cool shops and boutiques sits Partridges just off Duke of Yorks Square, who proudly boasts to be the grocers to the Queen. It is an Aladdin’s cave of fine and mysterious foods. I had always assumed that you could buy anything here but alas they let me down slightly on Sunday in my quest for quick setting vegetarian jelly, for little strawberry tarts. Will have to keep searching for that one.

Any way… It isn’t often that I am over come by childish humour, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these biscuits.

He he he!

But look! All the funny ingredients that I have read about in American baking blogs are available here (at a price mind you) but still here.

There was even Yellow Cake mix – I have finally decided that Yellow cake is really a Victoria Sponge cake with an odd name.

And then I saw this…

I adore Peanut butter, one of the few things which is tempting me to Whole Foods in South Ken – apparently you are able to grind your own Peanut Butter there!

But outside of my organic quest I adore Skippy Peanut butter, but I have never, ever, ever seen a jar this large!!!

I was good though and restrained myself in the thinking that if I don’t get to South Ken next weekend I may just pop back here and stock up!


2 thoughts on “American Goodies”

  1. Oh isn’t it funny what we take for granted in our own countries? Here in the US, those things are just your standard every day products. I’d much rather have the Cedar Knob biscuits. But tell me what was so humorous about them? Now I’m curious about your insider’s secret.

  2. See – this is the difference that one little puddle of water can mean.Over here ‘knob’ falls under the crown of schoolboy humour, as slang for male genitalia. So childish!I’d imagine that my store cupboard would be full of wondrous items to you, funny isn’t it!

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