Henley Royal Regatta

Pimms, posh frocks and even posher dresses.

Well entirely out of the blue Ian and I were invited to join a private party at Henley on Saturday.

Oh it was such a wonderful treat!

We joined the party on the Buckinghamshire side of the Thames on a bank called Phyllis Court. We were a party of ten with our own marquee and sun parasols which for the first time in weeks we actually needed!

We arrived and were immediately greeted with hot coffee and sticky pastries. Once our party had all assembled and we had downed our first glasses of Pimms half of us were driven to the other side of the Thames to the Royal Regatta Stewards Enclosure, which is the VIP area at Henley.

This was very much the place to see and be seen.

Though Henley is high on the English Social circuit along with Ascot and Wimbledon, I really got the sense that this was very much a place to socialise with the odd row boat passing. The sport was very second place. After an hour of mingling with the masses we joined our driver and were whisked away to the serene calm of our private enclosure (I won’t get sick of saying that!).

We then enjoyed a scrumptious three course lunch with plenty of wine followed by coffee; and then the second half of our party left to enjoy the Stewards Enclosure. Ian and I remained on the Phyllis Court side of the river sitting sipping Pimms and watching the splendid rowing.
The day drew to a close at 5.30 when we were whisked back to the train station and back to London.

It was a tremendous day where I was allowed to dress up and wear a big hat (I love hats!) it was also a huge honor to be invited, and I can’t say think you enough to our hosts.

I don’t have any photographs as there really just wasn’t anywhere in my dress to fit Ian’s large camera, shame, but some time you really just have to keep these sort of photographs in you mind.


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