Favorite Things Package

Oooooh the post arrived to day despite the postal strike! The little red card was waiting in my post box reporting that a package was being held in our post room (we have ridiculously small letter boxes here, so most things end in the post room…more on that later). So off I toddled across the square in the rain (when will it ever end) to collect. Thank goodness i arrived before it closed at 7 o’clock otherwise I would have had to wait another day before I received this….

…from Jessica, what a delight it is. Thank you.

A wonderful package, each item wrapped in a cellophane packet tied with cotton with pretty little label. Inside I found a packet of Saltwater Taffy (which made Ian’s day!)

a Head to Toe starter kit from Burt’s Bees which smells divine! I have read a lot about these products but never tried them.

Also enclosed was a little packet of stationary and a pen, and then the very best items.

Two pieces of Jessica’s own jewelery, a necklace from which a teeny tiny vintage key dangles and the cutest little earings.

All in all a terrific first swap. Thank you for making it such fun Jessica, and thank you for being so generous, I’m really touched. I also have my eye on your Analeise Bracelet….think an order my be coming your way!

PS – does any one know how to manage pictures better in blogger? I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get these two pictures to sit side by side, darn frustrating!

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