Doctor Foster went to Gloucester…

In a shower of rain, He stepped in a puddle, Right up to his middle, And never went there again.
Ok in this instance I think he would want to avoid South Yorkshire. The situation is just awful up there. Sheffield has flooded in such dramatic fashion and everyone is asking why?
Sheffield does not have flood defences, it has never seen such a storm as this and people just didn’t know what to do.

From what I have seen on the television a good deal of this flooding is caused though building in floodplains (does the name of the landscape give a clue?!), poor maintenance of the urban drainage system and simple mass building. This type of situation is only going get worse in the future and we should begin to change our actions and attitudes.
What can we do at home?
Well that rather nice, but small front garden you have, well you know how you have been thinking about paving it over so you can park the cars there? Well is this really such a grand plan? When rain hits concrete/paving/hard standing, it has no where to go but to run off the surface drainage system. If everyone in your street has done the same, then there will be an awful lot of extra water hitting that drainage system, where previously it have percolated into the ground. Flooding simply becomes a by-product.

As you can well imagine work has been hectic, actually more than hectic. Though we have all been running on adrenaline for the last few days, last night I walked home from work at 9.45pm and crawled into bed with my clothes still on. That was how Ian found me when he made it back home. My alarm went off at 5.45am to get me into work for 7.15am. It is depressing but the first thing I did when the alarm went off was check my Blackberry silently praying that the Ulley reservoir had held.
So far so good.
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2 Responses to Doctor Foster went to Gloucester…

  1. Hi Philippa…I’m sorry to hear about the flooding and your hectic work schedule. I just wanted you to know I received your package and I love everything! Thank you for putting such wonderful treats together. I also loved reading the notes you included. Thanks again!

  2. Philippa says:

    Thanks Jessica, glad it made its way to you across the ocean. All you have to do now is find the time for a quiet cuppa all snuggled up with a good book.

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