The other night I had the loveliest dream. The sort of dream that you wake up from and for a split moment you think it is real.

It was wonderful. I was back at home living in my cottage, and I had just found out that Erin had opened up a new shop in town in one of the lovely shops on the bank. In fact I think in my dream the shop was in Rabbanna’s which is a restaurant which hasn’t existed for quite a long time. Should have told me enough that it wasn’t real.

Any way the shop was going to be filled with fabrics and buttons and shineys and was to be wonderful! I would have found my crafting heaven.

Alas it was a dream. Not sure what this shows though? That I am reading far to many beautiful blogs which are inspiring me to action, which I can’t take as I can’t work out where to buy all the wonderful fabric that I dreamt of.

Also that I am pretty darn homesick.

When I was at home I used to make and sew on a regular basis, with the comforting knowledge that if it all went dreadfully wrong I could run home to Mum and she would help sort me out.

Now I have put 300 miles between us I have lost that security blanket. On the whole I managed fine and rarely had to ask for help. I guess it is the knowledge that if something does go wrong, well I’m stuck.

I really desperately want to make a top, out of a bold print with little straps just like the beauties that Erin has turned out, like this and this. I just can’t pluck up the courage. Shame really.

Please don’t think that I am sat twiddling my thumbs all the time. I do have a little project on the go for my Mum’s birthday next month. She mentioned several times how much she would love some crisp white pillowcases with a white embroidery detail. Well that I can do.

I ordered two organic white pillowcases with tie detail from Liv. I washed them last night and was slightly disappointed by one of the cases as it developed a twist. I think I ironed it out, but I am still contemplating telephoning the company and asking if this is a fault or just bad luck. I have started to work on the other case, which washed fine. Gives me a little more time to work out what I think I should do.

Will show pictures as soon as I can.


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