What a difference a week makes!

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend and in true British fashion, it poured down. Ian and I got soaked as we were up in the Lake District, and it always seems to rain there.

Any way, this weekend was glorious! Saturday we visited some friends in Hither Green in an attempt to begin to house hunt. Little demoralising.

Sunday however made up for it.

On the way back from Hither Green we stopped off at a huge Sainsbury’s where amongst other things we bought a tin of Croissants- yup that’s right a tin!

The little tin contains the dough that you simple roll up and bake, and out come very professional croissants. Amazingly simple, great little treat, but not something we will be doing every weekend – we needed cheering up.

I also made about a litre of Raspberry and Orange smoothy with wheatgerm, which was rather an achievement as we only have a stick blender. I managed to make a very lovely drink with out turning the kitchen in to the set of CSI.

We then took croissants, coffee and smoothy out into the gardens and ate breakfast in the early morning sunshine. Lovely way to start the day as we were the first people out onto the lawns. Normally we are later starters and the gardens are already full, but not today!

Then in the afternoon we headed over to Regents Park for the Camden Green Fair. We had a great time gathering the freebies (I got a good haul) and soaking up the ambience. We arrived early to get a good look around before we met up with friends. We even managed to get our socially responsible organic ice cream which was yummy!

Not sure what to do with my free tree from the Land Restoration Trust. I have a Rowan sapling sat in my kitchen sink, if I can’t persuade our landlords to plant it, I think I will have to go and plant it in a corner of a park.


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