Sublime Stitching.

Well I have truly caught the Stitching bug.

For an age I have been admiring the wonderful stichettes that Hilary produces over at Wee Wonderfuls. I used to look at them and think, how beautiful, but I will never be able to do that.

Then I read Yves post about her beautiful pillows and though well heck, I’ve got nothing to loose.

So I ordered Jenny Harts Stitch – It kit from Amazon (along with a placatory Rolling Stones CD for Ian). Being the skinflint that I am I used the free delivery service, which takes ages (but is free!) and kept pouncing on the poor postman to see if he had the package. He looked rather relived when he handed it over to me, which was last Tuesday morning.

I had the day off as Mum and Dad were on their way down to visit me, I had time to kill and I had to get started. I leafed through the templates and chose a Strawberry to start.

So like Desdemona I now have a strawberry embroidered handkerchief, I hope it isn’t my downfall too!

So pleased was I with the handkerchief that I rattled off a tea towel in the next two days and a further tea towel whilst I was away in the Lakes.

I have now run out of things to embroider.

But I have received my stichettes from Wee Wonderfuls.

Yup I took the plunge (thanks to the fantastic exchange rate) snapped myself up some super duper stitchettes.

I am now torn between going back home and organising the house from the little bomb that hit it last night (we arrived back from a long weekend in the Lakes and I really need to do the laundry….) Or going up to Liberty or Peter Jones to buy more skeins of thread and some material.

Oh choices choices.


2 thoughts on “Sublime Stitching.”

  1. your stitches are darling! what fun. it makes me want to start doing some stitching of my own. i just picked up some dish towels that need a little embellishing!

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