The Cutty Sark

I’m just so upset by what I saw on the news this morning. The Cutty Sark – the worlds oldest surviving Tea Clipper went up in flames during the early hours or this morning.
So far the police are treating it as suspicious and from the brief information that they have given out on the news; it sounds like arson.

How could any one do that?

I sailed in the last Cutty Sark sponsored Tall Ships Race in 2003. That was the end on an era. I believe that the sponsorship arrangement ceased as the Cutty Sark Trust was about to embark on the restoration of the ship.

Thankfully this restoration project went ahead late autumn last year and over 50% of the ship was removed to be restored, including the masts.

Still a huge amount of damage has been done, the desks are very badly damaged, and it is uncertain how the famous iron interior fared.

It makes me so sad.

Still I am sure we will be resolute and she will be rebuilt.

* Pictures from the BBC website – Thank you


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