Bread, that simple staple food that we eat nearly every day. It’s stealthy. Did you know that? Yup the bread is gonna get you!
In the beginning, bread was simple. Flour. Water. Yeast. A little salt.And plenty of that most important ingredient: time. The stuff of life, they used to call it.Then things got a wee bit complicated.
In 1961, they found a faster way.

The Chorleywood way.
More yeast.
And a new ingredient: fat.
Fat would increase the shelf life, sponginess and, of course, profits.Which is good for those making it. But not so good for those eating it.These days’ three slices of some bread has the same fat content as a well-known chocolate bar.
It’s called stealth fat. The stuff we didn’t even know was there. Mostly because the people who make the bread forgot to mention it.

So they’re on a mission to promote real bread, bread that is tasty and yummy and satifying and their recipe (next post) is just the ticket. I made it the other day and it was brilliant. (And something that they never ever tell you is, kneading bread is great for your nails, yucky but true!)

Go on, live life without stealth.

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