Mostly Ill.

The last two weeks have been an entire write off.

Last week I made the mistake of being taken in by Marks and Spencer’s packaging.

I regularly take the train from Paddington to Bristol for work, travelling there and back in a day. Well last Tuesday I gave in to the convenience of M&S food and bought a pack of Pork Loin in Honey sauce at the store in Paddington on my way home.

That evening my Tummy was so soar.

I don’t eat red meat as I find it very hard to digest, and Tuesday evening my tummy was telling me that it no longer likes Pork. I am usually very careful of the meat I buy. If it has to come from a super market then I try to make sure it is Red Tractor, Freedom Food (RSPCA Approved) and British. On the whole though we stack up on meat from the butchers at home when I visit my folks and freeze it. That normally sees us through and is always delicious.

So Wednesday was spent feeling very delicate indeed. That evening we drove up north home, arriving very late. Waking up on Thursday I found that my Dad had a terrible cold, which I promptly caught. So Easter was a wash out with the three of us sniffling away, not doing anything in particular.

Glad I was home though (even if home gave me the cold in the first place) I hate being ill and not be able to see my Mum. Being ill makes me feel about five again and all I want is a snuggley bed, lucozade and my Mum to make fishfingers and mash potato and tell me that everything will be ok.

Heres hoping next week will be better.


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