Busy Busy Busy.

The last week has been exceptionally busy. I have been feeling like a dog chasing it’s own tail.
Thankfully this week should be slightly calmer. I will be out of the office in Oxford for three days and although those days will be hectic, they will be the only things occupying me. No phones to ring or people to drop into my office to make the day even crazier!

So other than work what have I been doing? You know what very little. We visited friends in Heither Green on Friday night, which was lovely. Shame that the last train to Charing Cross left at 11:19, I would have happily stayed longer.

Saturday we went up the Kings Road and dawdled along the little farmers market. We bought some pies from Piminister and had the obligatory visit to M&S. We then hot footed it over to see David’s new house in Paddington which is lovely. We feasted on bread and olives, which David had bought that morning from Borough Market. Must go there again soon.

From David’s we headed home to go on an expedition to Lidl and Asda over in Clapham. Lidl was it usual weird place. Selling smoked meats and cheeses next to horse blankets and sewing machines! I splashed out on a sewing kit for £2.99. The kit is amazing full of rainbow threads, elastic new needles. Lovely little treat.

Asda was disappointing. I don’t like visiting super markets that much and I really don’t like the unfamiliarity of a new supermarket. We had a list but even then we seemed to do a ‘bad shop’ as my Mum calls it. Spending vast amounts of money with very little to show for it.

Sunday was a housework day. How do two people produce so much washing? The little flat became a Chinese laundrette for the day as I washed and washed. Thankfully where we live has a laundrette in the basement. I don’t do the washing there, but they have huge industrial dryers which are a dream.

We ate the Piminister Pies for lunch and we really disappointed with them. Ian had the Chicken of Aragon and I had the Heidi vegetarian pie. Not what we were expecting at all. I had been really craving a good pie all week, think I miss northern food, and this was such a let down. Think it I’ll have to get creative next week.

So I finally crawled in to bed very late on Sunday after panic packing for my days away (goodness only knows what is in my bag) very tired but satisfied that the flat is slightly less of a jumble than it was when we woke.
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