Baking American style

I have baked for as long as I can remember. My Grandma taught me as soon as I could stand next to her on a stool and stir a wooden spoon. My mum is an amazing cook but my Grandma was a fantastic baker.

I do like to play around with recipes and I am rather adventurous but I have always shied away from American recipes. I just didn’t understand them. What is a cup? Are we talking espresso cup, tea cup, mug?!

Well I discovered the Cupcake Bake Shop and saw all the wonders that were out there I started some research. I realised it wasn’t just the whole cup thing that I didn’t understand, what is Corn syrup? A stick of butter?

I found some helpful tips here and here.

When I was visiting my Parents a few weeks ago I dragged Mum into Boyes. Boyes is a wondrous shop that when you were little you died of embarrassment that you ever crossed the threshold. However there is clearly an age that you reach when you realise that Boyes is in fact a haven of bargains. They sell everything from all your kitchen needs, to small pharmacy items, haberdasheries, gardening, clothes. It is a type of Mecca for the frugal.

Anyhoo I found a set of ‘Cups’, little metal measures that take away some of my wonder.
So armed with my new found knowledge (corn syrup is simply Golden Syrup – who knew?) I found myself a little cupcake recipe and baked.

My first surprise was how runny the mixture was, I have seen mixtures referred to as batters, but didn’t realise how appropriate this was. I like the idea of using Sour Cream rather than milk, made the baking a different experience.

Well here are the cupcakes waiting to go in the oven.

And here is the final version.

Not too bad at all really.

They didn’t taste a chocolate-y as I was expecting but they were lovely and moist in the centre. I covered them in simple butter frosting. I did want to pop a little button or smartie on the top, but by the time I had decided to do this our little shop downstairs was shut.

Think I will do that for next time.

Actually it wouldn’t really matter what it looked like, Ian would still inhale it at the same rate. Its lovely baking for someone who appreciates it!

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One Response to Baking American style

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh they do look yum though, and then you go and say they were all moist inside…I wasn’t planning to do any baking this weekend!Baking isn’t my strong point and Chinese food isn’t yours, maybe we should be braver in both!

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