Go. See. It. Now.

Last night I finally managed to see The Inconvenient Truth. At the Prince Charles Cinema, an independent cinema in Leicester Square. The event had been organised by Friends of the Earth and was topped off with a Q&A session with David Miliband.

The film is very very good. If you haven’t seen it.

Go. See. It.

Sadly though I do feel that it was a case of preaching to the converted as ever when you looked at the audience. But the Prince Charles Cinema has committed to showing the film once a week for the rest of 2007.

So if every member of the audience last night managed to take a couple of friends to see the film over the next year, and they in turn take some of their friends then perhaps it will help.

Miliband was actually fairly good. He is certainly very good at reciting his briefings, and he handled the token ranting complainer pretty well. I have heard him speak now on a number of occasions and the one thing that strikes me on each occasion is…he must share the same speech coach as Blair. Miliband’s hand movements and gestures are becoming more and more like good ol’ Tony’s.

Watch this space, I reckon Brown could have contender.

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2 Responses to Go. See. It. Now.

  1. Karla says:

    We did love this movie. We’ve seen it about 3 times. But you’re right, sadly the audience that is seeing it is mostly those already convinced, aren’t they? The ones who truly need to be convinced wouldn’t ever step foot in a movie like this. Sad.It won Best Documentary at the US Oscars this week! How exciting.

  2. Philippa says:

    Yup it was fab that it won an Oscar. I don’t usually follow the Oscars, other than looking at the pretty dresses the day after though this year I was very pleased to see that it won an Oscar for both the film and the sound track. Gore should be feeling very proud.

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