Making things

Last night I ironed all the washing that we did at the weekend. Ian washed up after our scrummy supper of sausages in leek gravy with mustard mash, and I ironed.
I love to iron with a good movie and just before Christmas I bough a box set of chick flicks,

Shakespeare in Love
Pride and Prejudice (the new version)
Sense and Sensibility

I put on Shakespeare in Love and for all Ian pretends to be a manly man he does enjoy my films and he really enjoyed this one. I really think he enjoyed the subtle humour and all the quotes where you least expected them.

Any way I made up another batch of linen water which is so important here. London water is vile and scums up irons and kettles in no time at all. I follow a fairly simple recipe. De-ionised water, vodka, and essential oil. At the moment I am using Lavender but in summer I do try to use rose. I don’t have specific measurements, though I am sure I am meant too. I use the ‘glugg of and dash / splash of’ theory. Seems to work!

Once the ironing was done and put away I finally got my needle and tread out and mended my coat, which has had a little rip in the lining for so long. It isn’t the best repair I have ever done, but it is fit for purpose now.

What I did do though was finally hem the little squares of muslin, which I have been planning on using for so long. Eve Lom, the so-called wonder cleansing products recommend using muslin to wash your face with, as it is gentle yet exfoliating. The Eve Lom cloths can cost anything between £10 and £20 for one or two. I can’t and frankly won’t spend that much on face cloths, no matter how wonderful they are.

So before Christmas I had a brain wave. What about baby muslin clothes? So off I went to John Lewis baby department and bought a fantastic pack of 6 70cmx70cm muslin cloths for £6! I carefully cut into four smaller squares but got no further. So last night I carefully hemmed the frayed edges of one of the cloths as an experiment. Perfect!

I briefly toyed with the idea of stitching my initial in the corner, but decided that I preferred the crisp whiteness of the cloth. So this evening I am going to snuggle up (I have a cold) and stitch the remaining squares.


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